Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seven Weeks Old Today!

Seven weeks old already. Time sure does fly when you are chasing puppies. Of course the puppies have been chasing butterflies. It is hard to believe they will start going home on Saturday.
Each of our puppies goes home with a food sample, collar, leash,toy,biscuits, a Purina One Folder, Home Again Microchip, shot record, oh and APRI and UABR registration Papers.

This is a picture of Fezzik on Spa day. Of course everyone loves to be pampered.
I think Fezzik would rather have a 7 course meal.

This is Inigo Montoya on Spa day. Inigo is a quiet little puppy. He loves to play but would rather play one on one than is a big pile up.
Our little Princess just after a pampered spa day. Sophia loves to be the center of attention.

Part of leash training is playing with Raj. Raj and Goofy are our puppy training cats, they love to play with the puppies, they also start leash training them.

This is Westley at the park trying out the swing. He is very excited to be going home with his family on Saturday.
I have lots of pictures of the puppies at the park in this weeks Picasa Album.
Please feel free to call or email with questions about the puppies.
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