Thursday, August 27, 2009

And Then there was 1

This is little Inigo Montoya he is 8 weeks old and ready to find his forever family. Little Inigo is a planner, he likes to watch what is going on before he jumps into the fray.
He is also a little clown and loves to make people laugh.

I had hoped to take new pictures today but the weather is just not cooperating, however little Inigo has been having fun jumping in the mud puddles.

I will post new pictures of Inigo as soon as the weather improves, maybe I will even post a few pictures of just how muddy a puppy can become if left to his own devices.

Our next litter of puppies is due on October 9th with a Delivery date around the 15th of December. If you are interested in reserving a Christmas puppy please send me an email.
Ta For Now


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