Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Minnie's Puppies are 5 weeks old!

Wow, it is hard to belive the puppies are 5 weeks old already. Over the past few days the puppies have started teething and now they have little teeth.
This week will be very loud at our house as in the evenings the puppies will start Kennel training and mom will get to sleep by herself.

This is little Fezzik. He is a little charmer.

This is little Inigo Montoya. He is the smallest of the litter by only by a few hairs. This week he was storming the Castle (ok, he was just checking out all the new smells)

This is Westley. Westley is a very special puppy, this weekend his new family came to visit. Westley is very happy to have found a family he can call his own.
Our little Princess Sophia. She is just too cute!

This week the puppies will start to practice leash training so they can go to the park and play next week. The puppies also have their first vet visit on August 12th. Looks like we will have a busy week.
I took way too many pictures this week.
More soon,

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