Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Minnie's Pups are 6 weeks old!

This week the puppies have been very busy. They experienced their first hail storm on Sunday, it was very loud. We have also been socializing the puppies with the bunnies, cats and Dexter our pot bellied pig.
The puppies had their first vet check up today. The vet listened to their hearts and checked out their eyes and ears. After checking them from top to bottom they got their shots and worming.

Inigo Montoya is one of the quieter puppies. He is very laid back, but he still likes to play.

Fezzik is the gourmet at the moment, tasting everything.

This is Sophia. She is now also looking for a home.
Sophia is the loudest puppy this week. If you are looking for a puppy that will bark to go potty and bark to come in she is your girl.

This is Westley out little explorer. He has found his ultimate treasure, a forever family. Westley has a very gentle nature, He even took a nap with Arwin one of our Angora rabbits.
More pictures of the puppies playing with the bunnies, Dexter and each other.

We are very happy we can now take the puppies out to play. This week we have a trip to the park scheduled, a morning at the flea market planned and we will find a day to make a trip down to Petsmart in Ankeny too.
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