Tuesday, December 4, 2007

puppy pictures!

Alright. Now for pictures.

Yes, I have Finally got pictures all nicely set up. Yes, it's taken a long time.

There's puppy pictures in here, but first, I'll introduce you to the Parents.

This is an old picture of Minnie and me.
She's so sweet!

This is Saul (daddy dog) in his winter haircut. Shaggy and warm. He's a real sweetheart. He also absolutely adores puppies, which is a real helper when they get messy and someone needs to keep them busy.

Here's a picture of Saul during the summer, with his summer cut. it makes him looks more elegant, I think.

This is Calypso, from Minnie's last batch of pups.
It was taken when she was a little less than eight weeks old. This picture gives you a feel for what the pups will looks like when they get a bit older.

And here is a short collection of pictures of the puppies as they are now.
It was an interesting time getting pictures of them all at this age. I can't tell them apart yet, but they'll soon grow into that.
We've started them on 'puppy gruel' today. (which is a mix of powdered milk and baby rice cereal) They got messy. It was nice that Saul was so eager to clean up after them.
Amazingly enough, this batch of pups developed without any beige markings. Those might develop later, but I doubt it.
As you can see, The pups have already got most of the black coloration around their eyes and nose. The black on their pads will show shortly, and they'll be all colored out.

So there you have it.
Stay tuned.

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