Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fourth week pictures!

Yes. More Pictures.

So today was Bath Day for the puppies. They got mighty clean.

They also got new pictures taken! Which means they are now up on NextDayPets(.com).

So Anyway, final names ha
ve been decided, and their microchips are in. We now have Seven puppies who are quickly developing unique personalities. It is quite adorable, I must say.

This Is Albus Dumbledore. He's a very curious critter. He wasn't a fan of those glasses, though.

And here we have Archimedes. Archimedes is a bit more quiet than Albus, but still quite an energetic puppy.

Of course then there's Bilbo Baggins, the little guy. But just because he's little doesn't mean he's any less of a handful. Bilbo is getting to be a cute little bugger. His ears, by the way, are developing a beige tint to them.

This is Eowyn, the only girl in the litter. She is quite the cute little critter.

Here we have Gaston.
He's quiet when he wants to be, but he can also be a roaring ball of fury when he's worked up.

There's Rincewind, the fastest puppy and one of my personal favorites. Isn't he cute just there with the little bow in his mouth? I'll eventually get to making him a little red hat that says 'Wizzard'. So Cute!

And of course we have Victor Krum! Victor is always the first to stir up trouble, and the first to whine when mom isn't around to comfort his bruises.

Plus, I snapped some pics of the older dogs while I had the camera out.

Here's a new picture of Minnie, (mom) with her scarf and a puppy.
This is Fawkes, one of our other girls. Fawkes is the youngest, aside from the pups. (In my opinion, she's the cutest as well.)

Also, Rose just went into the vet. He did an ultrasound and confirmed that she is pregnant with at least three pups. She's been a bit nervy, so we expected it, but we'll be watching her.

Anyway, that's the puppies this week!

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