Tuesday, November 20, 2007

late puppy update

I haven't been able to post due to the rash of excitement the pups have caused, but now I have a spare moment.

To give a brief summary, Minnie's pups were born on November 14th. We stayed up all night helping her deliver. (I had to skip class the next morning.)
She had seven pups this time around, and to our great surprise, six of them are males.
We had quite a few problems keeping the little runt strong and healthy, but he's the cutest little bugger now, at three weeks old.
So, For preliminary names, we have the little girl, who we are calling Eowyn, and the boy, who we are calling Bilbo. One of the pups is late to develop his black, and Mom enjoys referring to him as Albus.
The other four puppies are so far unnamed, though I'd like to call one Gimli or Legolas.

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