Tuesday, December 18, 2007

About the puppy care kit

So, just a quick note about the puppy care kit that comes with the little buggers.

When the puppies are sold, we have a little kit that we throw together to go with them to their forever homes. Here's a little description about that.

As shown above, they will come with:

  • their UABR and APRI papers and pedigree
  • a Home Again microchip and the paperwork that goes with it
  • their favorite toy
  • a Sample of the food they've been eating, and a 5-dollar coupon off Pro Plan brand puppy food.
  • A nice rawhide chewy
  • a big book on basic puppy training and tips from Purina.
  • If your puppy is older than ten weeks, he's had a solid grounding in housetraining, which is really great.
  • And a through veterinary examination and all of their shots up to date.

We're also looking into the Home Again service. This service is supposed to ensure that if your puppy gets lost, you get him back as fast as possible. That would be a year-long subscription type of thing.

Updated! This post is accurate as of 7/20/08 as to what comes with your puppy!

~ Kim

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