Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 1st pictures

We have been enjoying the great weather and spending lots of time outside, playing in the grass and smelling the flowers!

Our little Strawberry is still looking for her forever family, but she knows that they will find her.

I wanted to do fun pictures this week, mostly because of April Fools day. It was very hard to pick just 1 picture of each puppy being cute, or silly
so please visit this weeks photo album to see more fun shots.

Strawberry had fun tasting the strawberry plants.
Boo says no I will not play with guns, even if they are just toys.

Jack does a Mr. T impersonation in the tub.

Jack lips his chops!

Lilly charmes everyone!

Molly gives the piggy kisses!

Dragon asks for cuddles!

The puppies are so much fun, and we are soo thankful that the weather has been unseasonably warm. But it has been hard to come inside and work on the computer, when it is so nice outside.
With that said, I think the puppies and I might just go back outside. Who knows it might rain tomorrow.

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