Monday, July 9, 2012

Skipper and Zoie are 5 weeks old.

 We had a wonderful open house this weekend.  Well, Kiwi did go for a fabulous flight across the property.  Kiwi landed gracefully in a big tree and waited for Rick (she only likes Rick and Kim) to climb up the tree to rescue her.  I had no Idea she could fly, but she can soar!  Then Rick took Kiwi on a tractor ride.  The 2 of them spent the rest afternoon cooking and surfing the internet.

 We still have 1 little princess available, her nickname is Skipper.  Skipper is a fun loving, out going ball of fun.

Zoie, formerly known as Barbie has found her forever family and cannot wait to check out the great state of Nebraska.  Go CornHuskers!
Our girls love to wrestle and play follow the leader!  
This is what Momma Fawkes looked like after her bath but before her grooming session.
This is a picture of Daddy Saul and Momma Fawkes after they spent some time on the grooming table. 
All 5 of our adult bichons had a bath and a hair cut this week, hopefully I can get some nice pictures of them to post.  Unfortunately, Rose found the first mud puddle she could and was black within 5 minutes of her grooming session.  Rose knows how to make me laugh, she surprises me all the time.
Until next time.

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Your pups are so cute!! I hope you decide to share with us.