Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fawkes's Little Girls are 1 week old!

Fawkes little ones on their birthday! May 30th.
I am terribly sorry I have not posted sooner.  Fawkes was due to deliver her little ones on May 28th, and Fawkes usually has her little ones a day or two early so I was on pins and needles for several days.  I did all the normal things that you should do when your darling daughter is expecting puppies, I took her temperature several times a day, offered her her favorite food and some water.  But when Wednesday came and I was just so worried that  I scheduled a trip to the vet for an ultra sound, just to make sure everything was ok.  The ultra sound was good and the puppies were doing ok, but as they were several days over due we decided to do a c-section.
The c-section was started at 5 pm and by 6 pm we were on our way home.  The puppies were so hungry they started nursing even before momma woke up from the anesthesia.    Momma finally fully woke up around 10pm, I set up a bed for Fawkes and the little ones right next to mine so that I could check on them every half hour or so.
I was really worried and did not post at first because Fawkes is normally such an attentive mommy and she was still out of sorts.  She has never had such a small litter, it was most definitely time for her to enjoy having a small litter, but I think she was wondering where all the puppies were.
 I am happy to say that Fawkes has settled in and is very proud to be the mommy of not only one but two future super models.

 This is our little Barbie.  I nicknamed her Barbie because she was a little bit lanky when she was born and the first thing that popped into my head was Barbie.  Barbie also has a slightly longer more rounded nose.

This is Skipper.  Skipper was the bigger puppy on her birthday, a bit rounder.  Skipper also has a shorter more square nose.

I have posted more pictures on our photo sharing site if you would like to see more of  Barbie and Skipper the link is

I am currently notifying the families on our waiting list about the availability of puppies, however I believe they are both spoken for.   If you would like to get on our 2013 waiting list please send me an email and I will be happy to add you to our list of future Bichon Parents.

I would also like to congradulate Periwinkle (Peri) on his recent litter of 5 little ones.  I know you will be a super daddy.   Fawkes and Saul  were so excited to find out they are Grandparents!  Hugs to you and yours from Iowa!
Until next week. Ta Ta for now.

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