Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What a busy July!

It has been a very hot and busy July. But super fun!
Even Kyree agreed to join in on all the fun.
We always introduce the puppies to lots of different things, having a good puppy training cat (Kyree) is very important.

This is Esme's little Hero. Hero is 5 days younger than the rest of the puppies.
It has been fun to be able to see the difference a few days of development really makes.

This is our Magical Merlin.
Merlin was born to Rose but he has been adopted by Esme.
Merlin is the smallest in size but he is always the first puppy in development.
Merlin already has a fabulous coat of hair.

This is Rose's Griffin.
Griffin is the biggest puppy in size.
Griffin is the most charming little guy, always playing the prince.

This is Rose's Mimic.
Mimic is a cute little girl, she is the smallest little girl this week.

Fairy is Rose's largest little girl.
Fairy would like to point out that she is still 140 grams lighter than Griffin.

Elf is the middle weight of Rose's little girls this week.
Elf is also very special because she has 2 beige ears.
Elf reminds me of her sister Lilly however her markings are not nearly as dark.
Please feel free to check out our Picasa Photo Album for this weeks pictures, or if you would like to see pictures of our past puppies.

We do still have 2 little boys looking for their forever families. Please send me an email if you are interested or have any questions about bichon puppies in general.
I can be reached at

Our next posting will have pictures of the puppies making their first exploratory mission into the great and wild outdoors!
Ta Ta for now,

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