Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Nick Names

This week the puppies received their new nicknames!
I chose all bird names because the birds outside were singing and dancing and they inspired me.

The 3 little princes all lined up and ready for a group shot!

This is Esme's little hero. He is 325 grams at 3 days old.

This is Rose's little Merlin - named after
Merlin is a magical puppy, he is the smallest puppy and weighs in at 315 grams. Esme was taking the loss of her still born puppy really hard and every time Rose's puppies would make any sounds at all Esme would leave her puppy Hero and try to get into Rose's playpen. Merlin,also doing his part, had not been gaining weight as quickly as his siblings so I made a judgement call and put Merlin in with Esme and Hero. I did ask Rose first, but she had also been doing her part and I had the feeling that she felt a bit overwhelmed.
I can only describe the results as magic, Rose now seems happier and is much more attentive to her remaining 4 puppies. Esme is Super proud of both of her little boys, and she makes sure to show them off. Merlin also seems to like the extra attention he receives as 1 of 2 puppies. And I was happy because Merlin received extra colostrum, which should help him to grow big and strong.

This is Rose's little Griffin,named after
He is the largest puppy and tops the scales at 450 grams.

We do still have 2 little boys looking for their forever families, please send us an email if you would like more information on our little princes.

Rose's three little girls trying hard to avoid a group shot.

Rose's little girl Mimic, named after
Mimic is 377 grams today.

Rose's little princess Elf, named after
Elf is 390 grams today.
Rose's little girl Fairy, named after
Fairy is 390grams today.
I have also added pictures of the puppies next to a can of soda so that you can get an idea of how big they are, check out our photo album to view them.

All 6 of our little pups are doing great! This week their eyes and ears will start to open but they will mostly just eat and sleep.
Momma Rose will have her stitches out this week, she is very excited to tell the vet about her little ones. Esme is just loving being a mom, and can't wait to meet all the families that will come out to visit during open house, so she can show everyone her beautiful little guys.
Have a great week!

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