Friday, April 15, 2011

We have NAMES!!

Lily and her brothers have had a very busy week. They each received a pretty, but scratchy collar so that we can tell them apart. Lily thinks hers is the prettiest and can not wait to show her family.

Each of the boys have also been given a herb nickname until their forever families give them new names, so the humans in the family have a slightly easier time.
This cute little guy is Marshmallow.

This cute little guy is Vervain.
This wise little man is Sage.

This handsome gentleman is Chervil.

This little charmer is Periwinkle.

This little sweetie is Licorice.

Last but not least is our quiet little Basil.
I guess I should mention that the smallest 3 puppies are now 24 ounces and the largest one is 28 ounces, it is rather hard to tell if they are different weights by looking at them.
On Sunday the puppies started eating puppy gruel, and they have been really enjoying making big messes twice everyday. The good news is that momma Fawkes really gives each one a good bath to make sure she gets some of the Yummy gruel too. We also started leaving solid puppy kibble in the playpen and the puppies have been busy trying to chew on the solid food as well. Solid food is less sticky but is sure spreads out fast ;)
Thursday the puppies had their very first bath and each received their very own microchip. Then they had a cuddle and full grooming. Marshmallow won the longest hair award with Lily as runner up.
Basil won the award for being the first to taste a chick. Basil managed to get a whole wing into his mouth, but he didn't bite down so the chick didn't mind.
Then all the puppies took a long nap.
I did manage to weed down the pictures to 115 shots.

We have have had 2 families decide that they were just too busy for a puppy right now so 5 of our little boys are still looking for their forever families. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email at

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