Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Living Room Invasion Has Begun!

The puppies are invading the living room!
It is so much fun to open the playpen and have 8 little ones run out to greet me every day. The puppies are still new explorers and do not stay out for very long, but they are enjoying meeting and playing with all the members of our family.
I think Momma Fawkes is also enjoying having helpers to play with the puppies.

It is almost Easter and the puppies enjoyed having their pictures taken with our last hatch of chicks.

This little guy is Basil with a White Leghorn chick.
Basil is our explorer, always the first to try something new.

This puff ball is Marshmallow. Marshmallow picked out a bantam frizzle chick.
Marshmallow has the longest hair.

This is Prince Periwinkle with a bantam frizzle chick.
Periwinkle is the largest puppy weighing 2 pounds and 5 ounces, he is also very gentle.

Sage is very wise he choose the slate blue bantam chick.
Sage is a quiet little guy with a beige ear.

Licorice choose a White Leghorn Chick.
Licorice has the shortest coat, he says it is for easy grooming.

Our Vampire hunter Vervain choose a bantam frizzle chick.
Vervain is a nice little guy with a good coat.

Chervil choose a bantam turken chick.
Chervil is the smallest little boy, he weighs 1 pound 14 ounces, but he has a big personality.

Princess Lily choose the slate blue chick.
She has very good taste, only the most rare of gems for her.

This litter of puppies is tons of fun and they are very polite. The puppies are very excited about the weather getting warmer so they can see what is on the other side of the door.

This week I tried to put a different color border around the pictures of each puppy to help identify them. Please feel free to look at the entire album.

We are planning an open house on May 1st. If you would like to come and visit with the puppies just send me an email and we will range a time to visit. 5 of our little boys are still looking for forever families. my email is

Have a great Easter!

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