Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting Ready to go home!

We have had a very busy week. The puppies have learned to crawl up and down the stairs to get in and out of the house.
They will now follow us into the house or out into the yard.
This is a big time saver and a lot of fun!
We had a fabulous open house weekend and all of the puppies have found their forever families.

This is Claire.
Claire is looking forward to going home with her family Wednesday.

This is Lizzy(formerly Lady).
Lizzy is looking forward to finding out what a Minnesota is.

Pixie is looking forward to being a Corn Husker, out in Nebraska.

Dash(formerly known as Wash) is very excited to be going home to live with his older half brother Buddy.

Bella(formerly Libby) is looking forward to getting mom all to herself for a week before she finds out what a Minnesota Gopher is.
I did put up pictures of the puppies at 6 weeks old.
I hope to take more pictures of the puppies today, as the puppies are now 7 weeks old. This weekend was just to busy to get photos with the garden, Kim moving back to the dorms and Kim's 20th birthday party. The puppies had a lot of fun playing with the Soft E, Com Sci, Math and Entomology students that came to the party.
I guess We had better run, Sam starts school this week so the puppies and I will be really busy this week as well.
Ta for now,

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