Thursday, August 5, 2010

Open House Weekend!

We are soo excited to be having our Last open house weekend of the year!

The puppies have been talking about it all week and are very excited to meet all the families that are coming to visit. The puppies are so excited to meet their new families and maybe get a new name.

This is our Prince Wash. Wash is a laid back little prince who loves to cuddle.

This is Princess Pixie.
Pixie is the smallest puppy of the litter but she doesn't let her size hold her back.

Princess Libby is a quiet laid back little girl. She doesn't stray too far from mom yet.

Princess Lady is our little super model, she loves to have her picture taken.
She also loves to be the center of attention.

This is Princess Claire (formerly Princess Scarlet). Claire has already picked out her family and is very excited to have a big family to go home with, maybe next year she will get to go on vacation to grandma's house too.
This week I took lots of pictures to share.
The puppies even posed for pictures with Dexter, our Pot Bellied Pig.

This weekend the puppies will have lots of firsts. The puppies will try on leashes and maybe some t-shirts. We will have lots of fun meeting new families and the puppies will taste all the shoe laces.
The puppies are looking forward to a busy weekend. We still have 2 puppies looking for their forever homes - please send me an email if you have any questions at

Have a great weekend!

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