Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rose's Gems went home.

The puppies and I went to the park Tuesday where we met our friend Wendy.
We had lots of fun!

All of Rose's puppies went home July 17th. It was a lot of fun to touch base with all of the families before the puppies went home.
Today it is very quiet at our house. Rose has been busy napping on the bed and has enjoyed being pampered. Rose has been very quiet as well, I think that she really enjoyed being able to say good by to her puppies as each one went home with their new families.
To keep busy we have been getting all the puppy gear washed and ready for the new litter of puppies that has just opened their eyes. We washed all the bowles, crates and potty parks with the power washer this morning. I am on my 3rd load of laundry, the first two loads were blankets and towels and now we are washing all the toys.
When it is all dry we will pack all the big puppy toys away for just a few weeks, then it will be time to play again

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