Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fawkes puppies are 2 weeks old.

Fawkes and her little ones are doing great! They are starting to crawl and explore the world around them just a little bit, more than Momma wants them to anyway.
The puppies are starting to make cute little baby growls, that sound like a cat purring, and little puppy barks.
This week the puppies received their first collars and nicknames.
We think that nicknames are soo much nicer than calling the puppies numbers.
Fawkes puppies are all nicknamed after apple trees because they were conceived under the apple tree in our yard.

This is Fawkes little boy, his name is Wash. Wash is named after the Washington Apple tree.
My son Sam is also a huge Firefly fan, so he was very excited about using Wash as a nickname.

This week I took pictures of the girls in order of size.
This is the largest girl this week, her nickname is Scarlet.

This little girl is just starting to open her eyes.
Lady is nicknamed after the Pink Lady Apple.

This little cutie is Libby, nicknamed after the Liberty Apple. She is the second smallest puppy.

Pixie, nicknamed after the Pixie Crunch Apple, was the smallest puppy of the litter at birth. Pixie is very quickly gaining ground on Libby and may be not be the smallest puppy for long.

On Sunday, after their big siblings went home, the puppies were very happy to move into the big puppy play pen. Right now the play pen is rather small 24"x24" but in the next few days the playpen will expand to 24"x48." The crib bumper will stay on the playpen until the puppies are big enough that their little heads do not fit through the the slats, Mom really likes the soft bumper to lean up against as well ;-). The playpen will stay medium sized until the puppies are about 4 weeks old, then it will grow to it's largest size(48"x48") and we will add a potty park to one side.
This week I took way too many pictures of the puppies but I managed to cut it down to 50 or so for the photo album. I even took pictures of the puppies with soda cans so families can get an idea of how big the puppies are right now.

As of this morning Wash and 2 of the little girls are still looking for their forever homes. Please feel free to email me with any questions that you might have, my email address is lorettaspins@gmail.com
Ta For Now

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