Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rose's Little Gems Are 1 week old!

Rose's little gems are just over a week old and are doing great! We had to modify their bed because they had started going on short trips to find mom while mom was outside.

This week the puppies eyes should start to open and they will start hearing things as well.

Here are are our three little prince charmings!

And our 3 little princesses.
We are planning on nicknaming this litter of puppies after gemstones. However it is very hard to tell them apart at this age, and they are still to young for collars. But in a week or so we will be able to have each puppy photographed by themselves with a nickname.
Our list of nicknames still a bit long so we will spend the week narrowing it down a bit.
I took Several pictures of the puppies this week, please check them out on our
Picasa Photo Album.
Maybe I will even add the nickname list.

This is our little Esme. Esme is now a big girl of almost 8 months.
She really wanted to have her picture taken too.
Esme loves to sit and help me with the blog every week. She isn't very talkative unless she sees something she doesn't approve of.

Every May we attend the Renaissance Faire in Amanna Iowa.
This year Saul and Esme came with.
Saul had a blast and was even Knighted by the Forking Queen!
Saul and Esme loved seeing all the costumes and other pampered pooches.

Esme signed up to be a pirate and then decided that being a princess was more fun.
Adam helped Esme pose for pictures and then was rewarded with lots of sloppy kisses.
I also took lots of pictures at the Faire and they are also posted on our
Picasa Photo Album.

4 of Rose's Little Gems are still looking for their forever homes. If you are interested in Rose's puppies or have any general Bichon questions please email me at

Ta For Now,

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