Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rose's Little Gems are 2 weeks old!

Rose's little ones are growing very quickly. This week they started barking and growling. They have the cutest little growls that sound a lot like a cat purring. They are still very little and spend most of their days sleeping and eating.

This week our little gems received their nicknames.
This is Diamond.

Here we have Opal.

The smallest of the girls is Ruby.
And our little boys are.....



This little one was nicknamed Onyx because he has the darkest markings so far.
Onyx has already been picked out by his forever family!
His new forever name is Beau!
Beau is looking forward to lots of fun with his new family.

I again took lots of pictures of our precious gems please feel free to check them out in our
Picasa Photo Album

I uploaded a few pictures of some of Rose's past puppies too!

Rose went to the vet this week to have her stitches removed. Dr Winters said that she was looking great, and he loved her new summer hair cut.
Then Bea gave Rose a pig ear treat for the ride home. YUM!

This week the puppies will start crawling around a little bit and on Saturday they will get their first collars!
We currently have 3 puppies still looking for their forever families please feel free to email any questions you might have.
My email address is Lorettaspins@gmail.com

Have a great week!

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