Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

May 22 was a long day for Rose.
She knew it was time for the puppies to arrive but something just wasn't quite right.
I called Dr Quam in the morning just to let him know that Rose due to deliver and check in with him.
Rose was nervous all day but didn't show any signs of labor until late in the evening.
We were watching her very closely and monitoring her temperature all day. At 8 pm she started showing signs that puppies should be coming.
When no puppies arrived by 9:30 I decided it was time to call Dr Quam. Dr Quam said we should head over to the clinic and take a peek at what was happening.
At 10 pm Dr Quam decided that we should do a C-section because Rose was not having any contractions.
At 11 pm we were on the way home with 6 healthy and very hungry puppies.
3 little Boys and 3 Little Girls.
We arrived home at 11:20pm Rose was awake and walked from the car to her bed in the house. Rose was very tired and sore from the delivery.
We helped all the puppies start nursing and watched Rose for about an hour and a half and then took turns napping all night. Every hour or so one of Rose's humans got up and checked on her and the puppies, just to make sure that everything was ok.
Rose is still a bit out of it this morning but is nursing the puppies.
I am helping Rose by cleaning the puppies and making sure they potty, Rose has let me know that she would rather be doing all the mothering jobs, but for now she will let me help.
I will post more pictures in a day or two when Rose is feeling better.
Have a great weekend,

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