Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fawkes Puppies are 2 weeks old!

The girls are growing like weeds and starting to get into trouble already!

This is the biggest puppy she is already 25 ounces! She has been getting teased, the boys in the house have been calling her big Birtha so we have given her the nickname Holly.
Holly is already starting to explore and she can't even see yet!

This is Snow Drop, formerly Puppy #3. Snow Drop is a pretty little girl, she is 18 ounces today.

This is Peppermint Candy, formerly puppy #5.
Peppermint still has her eyes closed, she is17 ounces.

This little cutie is Crystal formerly puppy #4. Crystal is 17.5 ounces today.

This little charmer is Frosty, formerly puppy #2. Frosty is 19 ounces today. Frosty's eyes are just starting to open.

This is Tiny Tinkerbell, she prefers Tink. Tink was the first puppy to open her eyes by a day or so. Tink is always on the move and is happy to report that she is a whopping 11 ounces big.
Yes, she is tiny but she is strong and very persistent. Tink is still being supplemented, but she is starting to let me know how much she dislikes it. I swear she is saying, "I am a big girl! I don't want to be the baby!"

In the next few days the puppies will be starting to hear sounds. Part of our puppy training is to have them listen to lots of different sounds, we use recordings of babies crying, gun shots, and other sounds that we don't have around the house. Of course the puppies get to hear all the normal house sounds like the vacuum, TV, and radio.
The biggest change for the puppies this week will be a move from their box to a playpen. Holly has decided that she wants to go exploring and we don't want her to wander too far from Mom.
To the Photo Album, this week I snapped 45 pictures.
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