Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Honey Ridge!

All of our puppies have gone to their forever homes and we are relaxing before the next litter.
This is every bodies favorite chair right in the center of all the action. Occasionally they will share with their favorite chair with me, as long as I am not trying to knit.

Minnie is expecting her last litter of puppies to be born the first week in February.
The puppies will be ready to go home Easter weekend.
If you are thinking about a Bichon Puppy send us an email, we are always happy to answer questions.

After much thought and patience we have decided to add a new female Bichon to our family. This is our little princess Esme, named after Esmeralda Weatherwax whose adventures can be found in Terry Pratchet novels. Minnie, Rose and Fawkes have all been spoiling Esme rotten. Saul is not quite sure he wants yet another wife bossing him around but enjoys playing tug of war with Esme.
Last month we lost our precious Raj. Raj was the best puppy training cat on the planet and we miss him very much. As it turned out my cousin had a litter of kittens that had grown up with her last litter of Bichon puppies and after a lot of thinking we decided that we had time to train a new kitten into Raj's job. We know that little Kyree can never replace Raj but with a little luck and patience she may come close.
So far Kyree and Esme are great playmates. They love to play chase, however Kyree always wins by jumping on something high. Esme and Kyree also love to take naps together.

Stay Warm and give your favorite Bichon a Hug from us,

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