Monday, June 8, 2009

Fiona And Fancy are 6 weeks old!

Fiona and Fancy have had a very busy week. This week they enjoyed a trip to the park, their first visit to Petsmart and a trip to the vet. They also enjoyed rolling around in the mud right after their bath. Ah the joys of being a puppy!

This is Fiona and Goofy. Goofy is one of our puppy training cats. He is very good with the puppies and teaches the puppies everything they need to know about cats.

We always keep our puppies until they are 8 weeks old because between the ages of 6 and 8 weeks of age they learn lots of social skills from each other and the other Bichons we have at home. Right now they are learning that biting hurts! As their teeth come in they become very nippy, by biting each other they learn what it feels like to be bitten. If they try to bite an adult Bichon they receive a Warning to stop. If they bite a cat they get scratched.
Dexter doesn't mind being bitten but I do!
This little play fight only lasted a minute and then the puppies were off chasing again.

Here is a cute picture of Fancy. She is a charmer.

Here is a picture of our little princess Fiona.
It is a lot of fun watching them grow up, but a lot of hard work too. This week they started sleeping in their own kennels. Fiona is having a harder time getting used to the idea of being alone at night. During the day when they are tired we often find them sleeping in Rose or Minnie's kennel.
Kennel training is a great tool for potty training. The main rule is when you are not spending time with the puppy she goes into her kennel(plastic ones work best). A dark kennel is like a den, I like to tell children that the kennel is your puppies room. At about 9 pm they go to bed and first thing in the morning they go out to potty( I bring out a cup of coffee). They tinkle and then play for 10 min before they have a BM. I love being able to start potty training in good weather. After having 15-20 min of play time they are ready to eat and then nap. Whenever we go to town they also spend time in the kennel. It is important that puppies always go strait outside when they leave the kennel(unless the door was left open), even if they were only locked in for a few minutes. The puppies also use their kennel when they go for a ride in the car. Ok, enough about training More Pictures Please!

More Pictures of Fiona and Fancy
I will add some pictures of the girls at the park later this week.
Ta for now!

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