Monday, June 1, 2009

Fiona and Fancy are 5 weeks old!

Fiona and Fancy are 5 weeks old!

This week they discovered Dexter our pot bellied pig. Dexter loves puppies!

Dexter has two main reasons to love puppies. First he loves when they spill food and he gets to clean up the mess! Second he loves when puppies crawl all over and chew on his ears and feet! I am not sure why but whenever a puppies gets close to Dexter he lies down. Dexter will gladly spend hours entertaining puppies.

The puppies have also been spending time terrorizing all the other dogs. Winnie is visiting from Minnesota and has been a target all week. This weekend they had her doing the splits.

Minnie has been the favorite snuggle aunt this week (she is due to have a litter of puppies late this month). Fawkes always gets the puppies involved in a game of tag. Mamma Rose has been wrestling with the puppies.

Daddy Saul has introducing the puppies to all the fun things on the farm to check out.

Fancy is very fancy with beige ears. Fancy is also the puppy to choose if you want a dog to do tricks. She already has 2 tricks that always get attention. She is a little more active, always getting into things. I think Fancy will be a little more work, she will want to learn tricks and be the center of attention. She is always making me laugh.

Fiona is like a proper princess she is very pretty and laid back. She waits for things to come to her. Don’t get me wrong like a proper princess she can make a stink when she doesn’t get her way, but she doesn’t do it often. Fiona will make a great dog for someone who has to leave her alone when they go to work. She always gets and AWWW!

This week the puppies are starting leash training. To start we let the puppies walk us and then we gradually change roles. The puppies are also starting kennel training without mom. This week they will sleep together in a kennel and next week they will start sleeping alone. To finish up their busy schedule they will have at least 2 trips to the park, and they are very excited to meet the vet.

Click here for more fun pics of the pups.

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