Monday, July 7, 2008


Alright- so we took some of the puppies to the playground, and they had a lot of fun sniffing around, playing, sliding down the slide, running everywhere, and generally having a good time.

Freya went home yesterday - her new parents are so happy to have her. I kind of miss her.
We have several puppies possibly getting ready to go home - if you really want a specific pup, you might want to call (or email) us and arrange a deposit to be sent.

Also: an update on the other litters coming up:
If you are looking for a puppy, but would like to wait a bit, Minnie dropped a litter last week. There are three boys and two girls, and they are growing quickly. As soon as they hit 4 weeks, we'll have pictures ready. Rose is scheduled to have a litter in eight weeks, who are going to be adorable little buggers. We cut rose's hair down because she got into a patch of burrs that we couldn't get out, but she should grow out by the time her pups are ready. She likes her new haircut, but it kind of looks rather silly. *giggles*

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