Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aah! more puppies!

(This week it was just too windy to take the pictures outside, so we did them in the greenhouse. please excuse the mess, and don't mind the turkey pen in the background there...)
Just to let everyone know, we do still have everybody except for Pan, who went home last Monday to a wonderful family who has two older children. Good luck in your new home, Pan!

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I swear, these turkeys are vicious. They peck at anything that gets too close.

They went to the park with our good friend Wendy last week, but we forgot to get pictures until after the pups were done and tired. We plan on going out again this week - maybe we'll get some nice ones then.

Just in case anyone was wondering about how the puppies are coming along with housetraining and stuff, here's the scoop: The puppies go out to go to the bathroom about five times a day. they do still have a few accidents in their playpen, but that's to be expected because they are so young yet. They do go into kennels at night, and they aren't whining about it as much, so that's good. They've learned to leave cats and birds alone for the most part, and to mind their manners around the older bichons. They don't get underfoot anymore, and they seem to be starting to leave the shoes and cords alone. They've ridden in the car four or five times now, been to the vet and had their puppy shots done, and met lots of people at the pet store.
Boy they are growing up fast!

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