Sunday, July 16, 2017

Growing Like Weeds!

 We have 1 little female puppy still looking for her forever home! 
It is so hard to believe the puppies are already 4 weeks old. 
This weekend they had their first car ride!

This is Lloyd, he is our only little guy and he is as cute as a button!

 Lacy likes to explore and give lots of kisses.

 Lena was our photo hound this week.
 Lucy was pretty quiet this week. But she might just be saving up....
 Our smallest puppy is Lily.
Lola likes to take a minute to assess the situation before she dives in. 
 I like to call this personality our old souls or thinkers.

Our photo album has 4 videos as well as about 130 pictures of the puppies.

The puppies are already eating puppy kibble, 2 times every day we give them puppy kibble soaked in water as well, however this litter likes to munch on hard kibble.  We are currently feeding them a blend of puppy foods that we like.  Purina Pro Plan Naturals , Taste of the Wild and Exceed Puppy.  The puppies really enjoy the Taste of the wild which has a very small kibble size.

Rampage has asked me to also let everyone know that this month the Bark Box is Alice and Wonderland Themed and he thinks the Mushroom toy is FANTASTIC.  If you are thinking about getting a bark box this code will send a free box to Rampage and Nova, as well as adding a free box to your subscription.

Nova, Rampage, Saul and I hope everyone has a safe week!
If you are interested in our little puppies please send us an email at

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