Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22 2015

 Nova and Rampage's little ones are 3 weeks old already.  They are growing up soo fast.

Saturday they will have their first spa day with their first bath and pedicure.  Then they will each get a collar so that they are easy for human eyes to tell apart.  
Right now the boys are easy to tell apart from the girls as they are a smidgen bigger.  But as they start solid foods next week it could easily change.
We still have 2 little girls from this litter that are looking for families. We are planning an open house for Mothers Day weekend for the puppies to meet new people and start really exploring outside.

Also Dori (Winnie and Tucker's little girl)and Rampage are expecting puppies 9 weeks from today!
Their pups will be ready to go home mid to late August.
If you are interested on one of our special little bichons please send me an email at

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