Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!!

 Winnie as she started going into labor.  Winnie started showing signs that she was going to have puppies on Wednesday evening.  But it was a false alarm.  I stayed with her Thursday and Friday. 
 Friday evening the puppies were ready to make their big debut.
 Winnie is a fantastic Mom.  She refused to let me leave her side when the big event started.  Thank goodness their was enough warning so I had all of our supplies right at hand.
 Winnie was tired and and getting ready to be done.  If you look in her eyes you can tell. 
 Winnie had 7 perfect little ones.  3 little girls and 4 little boys.
Winnie and pups after a well deserved nights rest.  Winnie is so proud to be a Momma!  And the sparkle is back in her eyes.

As of this morning we have 4 or 5 puppies still looking for their forever homes.  The puppies will be able to have visitors the weekend after Christmas and will be ready to go home around January 11th, 2014. 
If you are interested send Winnie and I an email at or
New Pictures!!

Have a fantastic Weekend!

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