Monday, September 1, 2008

Playful Puppies

Saturday Willie went home to Red Oak, Iowa. He was very happy to hear he will be spending his winters in Texas.
We are working on potty training and leash training a lot now. But we still like to have fun chasing each other in the yard.

Angua is a quiet little girl. She loves to play but would prefer to cuddle.

Rob is always a gentlemen, and is looking very distinguished.
He loves to play and be the center of attention.

Mortimer loves to explore. He is also loves cuddles.

Friends at play.
Molly, Angua and Rob.

Daddy always gets to babysit.
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Here we have Rose's new puppies. They are almost 3 weeks old!
Rose has 2 puppies that already stand out Hyacinth and Onslow. They are the explorers of the litter, as they have already begun exploring outside of their box.

On the left is Hyacinth and on the right is Violet.
Bichons are born all white and gradually develop their black markings.

Ah, the boys.
From left to right we have Onslow, Emmet and Richard.
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Look for more updates soon. I hope to post later this week with pictures of the little puppies eating their first meal of puppy gruel.

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