Thursday, August 7, 2008

Five weeks!

Okay, their five weeks was a little bit ago, I did get a little busy with them. But here's the update, so yay!

Here we have Angua, who finally grew into her tropical blue collar - she's the smallest, and the only available girl.

Molly's so cute, the most rambunctious and troublemaking pup this week. She says hi to her people at home - She can't wait to meet you girls!

Mortimer's more quiet this week, learning his ropes.

Rob's starting to get as loud and spunky as molly is. This week, he feels confident and rambunctious!

William was a bit tired after his bath. Not to mention he's the sweetest and quietest puppy I've had yet. Aww, such a cuddle-bunny!

So they did have their first bath on Sunday, and they took to it rather nicely. They had a bath, got their nails trimmed, we looked in their ears, got them all nice and blowdried, and then they went out in the damp grass and got all dirty again. *sigh* Ah, puppies. Gotta love 'em. They're going into the vet early next week, and they should get their microchips soon as well.

Remember: The whole album of pictures we took can be found on Picasa - make sure to check them out at

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