Tuesday, March 18, 2008

okay, quick picture update.

So, I have a second. (spring break - yay.) Here's a few of the pictures I took of the littles this weekend. There's Ford sitting with one of our new chicks, and Marvin on our wool picker, playing swings. They're having a fun time now that it's spring and they can get all muddy outside. I've had to keep paper towels at my side every moment to keep up with the mud and dirt they track in. The little devils. but they are doing really well with their training. I haven't found any accidents recently, and they're starting to learn not to chew on the shoes.

I'm pretty upset - we had to shave Minnie to the skin - I couldn't keep up with her matts. that's the peril of having a rogue pup like her. she never liked to be brushed. and now she hasn't the fur of a drowned rat. *shiver* good thing I've got plenty of sweaters for her to keep her warm.


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